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  1. List MSD_MSc Clinical Trials_Module Two (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Course code: TM_HP9P1
  2. Essential and recommended readings for students on the MSc Course in Pharmacology
  3. List MSD_MSc Clinical Trials_Module One (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Course code: TM_HP9P1
  4. List MSD_Test, Edina Pillok
    Test list for MSD courses
  5. List MSD_MSc Precision Cancer Medicine_Module Zero, Jennifer Robinson (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Background and Module Zero reading list for Precision Cancer Medicine
  6. Module five reading list for MSc Precision Cancer Medicine
  7. List MSD_BA_Biomedical Sciences Year 1, Karine Barker (Academic Year 2020/21)
  8. List MSD_BA_Medicine Year 2 First BM Part II, Karine Barker (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Vacation reading list and recommended course textbooks
  9. List MSD_BM, BCh of Medicine_Women’s & Reproductive Health, Edina Pillok (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Bachelor of Arts (BA [Hons]) in Medical Sciences at the end of year 3; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BM, BCh) at the end of year 6 - Year 4-6: Women’s & Reproductive Health. Course tutor: Jane Moore


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