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  1. List LAW - Nicola test list - please ignore, Nicola Patrick (Academic Year 2020/21)
  2. List DEL copy of LAW_HR@W Right to work (seminar 11 HT 2020), Anne Davies (Academic Year 2020/21)
    For deletion
  3. List LAW_BCL/MJur/MLF_Regulation, Bettina Lange (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Digitisation code A13490W1
  4. List MAG_Hannah Smith_Constitutional Law (Academic Year 2020/21)
    This reading list is for Magdalen College Law students taking studying Constitutional Law in Michaelmas Term 2020.
  5. Ursula Coope and Gregory Hutchinson Digitization code: GPHLPGLXUCGH
  6. List ODID_MSc RFMS_International Human Rights and Refugee Law II_HT, Andrea Smith (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Digitisation code = rsc7
  7. List CHINA_BA Chinese Studies_Chinese Law and Governance, Chris Mittelstaedt (Academic Year 2020/21)
    This is the reading list for the Chinese Law and Governance Option. This is the digitisation code: CHINA_CLG_2020-21
  8. List ODID_MSc GGD_Diplomacy and International Law draft list, Humaira Erfan-Ahmed (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Digitisation Code: ggd11 MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy Diplomacy and International Law Michaelmas Term Corneliu Bjola Email:
  9. List CONT IHRL Mst - International Criminal Law (PSV 21), Laura Thomlinson (Calendar Year - 2021)
    Tutor: Patricia Sellers Viseur; Digitzation code: TS_JH9P1 (ICL)


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