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  1. List ENGL_BA English_FHS Paper 6 Writing Lives, Katherine Collins (Academic Year 2020/21)
  2. List ENGL_MSt English_C course_Victorian Futures, Helen Small (Academic Year 2020/21)
    digitisation code = ENGLMSTCVIC
  3. List ENGL_BA English_FHS Paper 6 Writers and the Cinema, George Potts (Academic Year 2021/22)
    digitisation code = ENGLBA6WRICIN
  4. List CHC_Bose__BA English_FHS Paper 2_Pearl (Academic Year 2018/19)
  5. List CHC_Duncan_FHSPaper4 (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Reading list for FHS Paper 4: English Literature 1660–1760
  6. List HER_Xin_Literature in English, 1910-present_HT21, Jenny Yeong (Academic Year 2020/21)
    Reading list for Dr Xin's BA English Prelim's Paper 4 classes on Literature in English, 1910-present. Digitisation code: TBC
  7. List ENGL_MSt English_C course_Humanitarian Fictions, Ankhi Mukherjee (Academic Year 2020/21)
    digitisation code=ENGLMSTCHUM
  8. List ENGL_BA English_FHS Paper 6 Old Norse, Gareth Evans (Academic Year 2020/21)
  9. List HER_Offerholders_English (Calendar Year - 2021)
    Suggested readings for offerholders planning to study English at Hertford College. Digitisation code: NA


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